When we acquired Anime Halloween last year, I knew we’d have something going based on the name and dates alone. What I didn’t expect was an over 1,400 attendance on our first year. I’m pretty sure we blew almost every con in the Chicagoland area’s first year numbers out of the water, and I’m proud of everyone involved that we could pull that off. I’m so thankful for our staff that we brought over to con and it was really fun enjoying the Sailor Moon concert and playing for everyone that attended The e p h e m e r a l Dance and Scarlet Devil Mansion Party (yes that’s a reference to Touhou). Honestly, I really wanted to gather cosplayers and otaku that would rather spend time with other cosplayers for Halloween instead of having a normal Halloween with people wearing costumes from Halloween stores, while celebrating our love for Japanese culture, and having a couple safe parties at night. I’m glad to say we got everything we set out to do done, and then some, that weekend. Again, thank you to the over 1,400 that came to Hyatt Regency Schaumburg for our inaugural event. I wouldn’t be able to say the rest of this without you all.

With all that said, lets move on to 2022!

As you’ve probably seen from social media, I was overly happy to announce that we have officially moved to a venue that means a lot to me, Hyatt Regency O’hare, home of many conventions and a ballroom that’s seen some of the best guests I’ve ever seen. This building has been like second home to me and plenty other congoers, and I’m glad we get to add a new chapter in that building’s legacy. If you’ve been to cons here, you know how much this building means to congoers.

Now the part you’ve been waiting for, ticket info! Continuing the affordability of how we did everything last year, I’m gonna bring back a memory for a small time, and start ticket prices at $10 like old times, and tickets will go on sale 2 weeks from now, on 3/17! This sale will go on for about two months before going to $15. Remember, hotel block has already gone on sale, so plan accordingly. You know how Hyatt Regency O’hare cons get.

Before I end today’s blog, I just wanna say thank you again for helping create a fun weekend, and making a dream come true. I hope to see you at Anime Halloween!

~ Tri Carra/@tricatmeows
Con chair

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