Event information is to be announced as the event gets closer. We will have some fantastic vendors and artists for you to shop from at the convention. Schedule is subject to change, so check back here and the Facebook group throughout the weekend in case of changes.

Hosting a Convention Event

Do you want to run a panel or workshop or event at the convention? Everyone who is running a panel or event can get their admission to the convention for free.

Escape Room

You and your classmates are sentenced to detention! But things get much worse when you are trapped in the haunted classroom by a yurei, or tortured spirit. There is one way out: Solve the riddles within 45 minutes to free the ghost, or remain in detention for eternity! Check out the Escape room hours from 10am-11pm Fri and Saturday and 10am-4pm Sunday.

AMV Contest

Are you a big fan of making AMVs? Consider participating in our AMV contest! The winner gets a free pass for next year for 2 people! (And maybe more prizes if we get them.) Please submit all entries to chadwell.david@gmail.com for the contest! AMV Contest Submissions – Please include the video file in .mp4 format, preferably with one second of black before and after the video. Please include the name of the video editor/maker, the name of the anime(s) used, the name of the song(s) used. Please limit videos to beneath seven minutes.

Audience Choice Costume Contests

We invite you to come on stage and compete for the audience’s choice of best costume. We’ll have some small prizes and invite you to come have fun with us! Winners also can receive free admission next year!

What Kinds of Events To Expect

We have plenty of fun events as part of the 3-day anime convention. Some of the fun events you can expect throughout the event include:

  • Voice Actor Q&A Sessions
  • Cosplayer Fun Panels
  • Fandom and Entertainment Panels
  • Trivia and Questions Events
  • Concerts and Musical Events
  • Voiceover Tips and Info
  • Late Night Dance Parties with Tricat Meows