Do you work in the industry related to our organization? We can give you a free pass for your attendance!

  • Anyone working in anime (voice acting, animating, etc)
  • If you work in Japanese or Asian culture (at the Embassy, at Mitsuwa Marketplace, at a local ramen shop, etc)

Some notes: We often won’t send a confirmation email or anything, so just come to the convention and we’ll get you taken care of. We approve 99% of applications.

Restrictions On Free Passes

  • Free passes can not be used by anyone looking to make money directly from their attendance, such as photographers who are trying to sell photoshoot packages. Do not request a free pass if this applies to you.
  • Industry members from other conventions are welcome to attend! But passing out flyers are not allowed without permission. There is a limit of 20 flyers per organization to be passed out, and they MUST NOT be taped or affixed to any surface or wall!
  • Admission will not be granted to anyone that would detriment the event, such as individuals who have been banned from our events or from our venues or individuals who don’t show respect for the safety and security of our event.