Anime Halloween is dedicated to providing a safe place for cosplay and anime fans so please understand our safety and harassment policy.

We do not stand for any kind of harassment or discrimination at Anime Halloween. Individuals who commit harassment of any kind will be kicked out of the convention. This can include any kind of name-calling, stalking, touching, kissing, or any behavior without the other persons consent. Any activity that makes other convention attendees uncomfortable will be frowned upon by our convention staff.

We expect our attendees to be well-mannered. Please report any harassment you see at the convention to the nearest staff member so that we can do something about it.

Discriminating against other individuals, including cosplay-shaming, name-calling, or anything worse, is something we do not stand for at Anime Halloween. Cosplay and conventions are meant to be fun, and if someone makes the convention less fun we will throw them out.

Safety and Health

At the convention we encourage all attendees to shower daily and drink at least four or five glasses of water each day to maintain hydration. Conventions are tiring and exhausting and you can be wearing lots of layers as part of your cosplay. So please take care of yourselves during the convention to be healthy.

If you have any kind of medical emergency at the convention please don’t be afraid to let the convention hotel or our convention staff know, or call 911 if it’s a serious medical emergency. Your health and safety is our number one priority.