AH Vendor Hall Experience

The vendor hall at Anime Halloween will feature some fabulous vendors and individual artists selling all kinds of goods for fans of anime! Shop and enjoy some great anime merchandise, unique and one-of-a-kind artworks, and plenty of Otaku stuff!

The vendor hall will be open FRIDAY 4pm-8pm, SATURDAY 10am-6pm, SUNDAY 10am-4pm.

Vendor & Artist Hours

Open to the Public
Friday 4pm-8pm
Saturday 10am-6pm
Sunday 10am-4pm

Setup For Vendors
Thursday 6pm – 9pm
Friday 10am – 4pm
Sunday Teardown 4pm-9pm

Becoming A Vendor

Dealers & Artists welcome to Anime Halloween! We are excited to welcome you to our events and we are very thankful for your interest in participating in our convention.

Dealer Pricing
10×10 Booth – $300
20×10 Booth – $600
30×10 Booth – $900
40×10 Booth – $1200

Click here to apply.

Artist Pricing
Artist Table – $150

Click here to apply.

Vendors and artists are encouraged to apply to become a part of our Halloween anime convention, where we will bring together anime fans for a fun-filled three-day weekend. Tickets to the convention are priced very low so we will have a great turnout of anime fans looking to buy awesome anime merchandise and support anime companies and artists.

Bootlegs are not allowed at our events, so please do not sell bootleg merchandise as it hurts the anime industry that we are trying to support.

We look forward to sharing with our attendees an excellent vendor room filled with all kinds of anime merchandise, and we hope to see you there.